Purim is the most joyous of Jewish festivals. It is a Mitzvah to feast with family and friends and to exchange gifts of food. This year why not celebrate the holiday by helping us bring the joy of Purim to those in need.


As Jews we are taught that Tzedakah, giving charity to the poor, is a Mitzvah all year round but on Purim there is a very special Mitzvah to help anyone in need.


Here is what the great Maimonides had to say on the subject:

       On Purim, it is better for a person to be generous with his       donations to the poor than spend lavishly on the Purim feast or on sending gifts to his friends. For there is no greater and more splendid  happiness than to gladden the hearts of the poor, the orphans, the widows … One who brings happiness to the hearts of these  unfortunate  individuals resembles the Divine Presence.

Help us bring the joy of Purim to someone in need today!              

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Happy Purim!

Rabbi Yakov & Sarah Latowicz

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