NEW SEASON STARTING Monday, October 16 2017!

CHABAD OF VENTURA is proud to present our Torah Studies catalog of classes for Season Two.

At Chabad, we value a deep, rich learning experience and we aim to provide this in an unequivocal way. This is why we have brought you a Torah Studies program of the highest caliber, developed by the world-renowned Rohr Jewish Learning Institute. The program brings you a series of stimulating text and discussion based classes that take place on a weekly basis. Our lessons will engage you in a multidimensional way by challenging you intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. They explore contemporary issues through a Torah perspective as well as tackling timeless questions in the Jewish tradition.

I invite you to browse through the topics in this catalog and to join us for some weekly inspirational study. These classes are open to all, whatever your level of learning may be, and I encourage you to bring your friends along.

Rabbi Yakov Latowicz
583 Pariish Pl, Ventura, 93003

Class 1 Monday, October 16 2017
The Ways of Praise
You Never Know How Far a Compliment Will Go
Of all the impressive people in the Bible, only one gets a shout-out from G‑d. Not Moses, not Abraham, and not Elijah. Who? Noah, of all people. What was so special about this deluge-dodging daredevil that earned him such heaping praise?
Class 1 Monday, October 23 2017
Abraham's Worry
The Real Benefits of Fame and Fortune
 “He really only did it so everyone can say how nice he is . . . .” Ever heard that one before? Has the prospect of doing the right thing for the wrong reason ever scared you off? Through the worries of Abraham and the mendacities of recalcitrant husbands, discover your hidden goodness and never be scared again.
Class 1 Monday, October 30 2017
Of Angels and Food
How to Eat Like an Angel
Ice cream, savory peanuts, filet mignon—we all have our preferences. But can there be anything holy about our eating habits? Is there a noble side to digging in? Surprisingly, the answer is “Yes!” Find out how to take your gastronomic pursuits to the next level.
Class 1 Monday, November 6 2017
Of Omens and Amens
Is It Okay to Look for ?Signs??
While the weatherman jabbers on about the future, we are still wary of pulling out the crystal ball and letting it call the shots. But some people do indeed avoid the thirteenth floor of a building, or scheduling anything significant on Friday the Thirteenth. So, what does Judaism say about all this spooky stuff?
Class 1 Monday, November 13 2017
Miraculous Beginnings
Sowing the Seeds of the Jewish Nation
The painful theme of childlessness is found again and again at the beginning of the Jewish story. But why did the beginning of our nation entail such hardship? Discover the depth and the beauty of our prayerful matriarchs as they laid the foundation for the eternal edifice of the Jewish people.
Class 1 Monday, November 20 2017
Writing Your Life Story
Don't Get Stuck in the Narrative
Ever feel like your life is playing out in front of you, and you are just watching the show? While past failures and perceived challenges may make it seem like your life’s story has already been written, Jacob shows that at any moment, we can turn things around for the better.
Class 1 Monday, November 27 2017
Game of Names
Who Is the Real Jew?
What’s the ideal modus operandi? Aggressive and brash; assertive and confident? Or perhaps more reconciliatory and compromising; meager and humble. It is this identity crisis that unfolds over the name change from “Jacob” to “Israel.” That both names are kept for posterity speaks volumes to our approach in life as servants of the Divine.
Class 1 Monday, December 4 2017
The Bigger Picture
Everything You Do Affects the Entire World
It’s easy to be the good guy when nobody’s watching. But when there’s nobody around, where do you find the moral fortitude to withstand temptation? It’s the realization that our actions affect far more than the here and now that empowers us to act responsibly.
Class 1 Monday, December 11 2017
For G‑d's Sake
Are We Capable of Altruism?
We get it. It’s hard to always be firing on all cylinders. We’re talking in a spiritual sense—to always be doing good things for the right reasons. So, go ahead and do what it takes to get the job done. But remember, there’s one part that you should always keep sacred, a lone pocket of truth that is altruistic and pure. And it’s burning right there—in the Chanukah candles.
Class 1 Monday, December 18 2017
When Life Give You Exile...
Lessons in Anger Management
If your brothers sold you into slavery, you wound up in prison, and you were estranged from your home for seventeen-plus years, you probably wouldn’t think too highly of your next of kin. But Joseph shattered all expectations and acted majestically with his past tormentors. From whence his courage? Expose the secret sauce of this towering figure of forgiveness.
Class 1 Monday, December 25 2017
Obstacles or Stepping Stones?
Finding the Light within the Dark
We’re used to thinking of light and darkness as polar opposites, existential metaphors for all kinds of binary worlds. In this class, we plumb the depth of kabbalistic paradigms to come up with a fresh perspective—one that can, perhaps, reframe life in a surprisingly empowering way.

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