What is Chabad?Jewish synagogue in ventura - high holidays in ventura

Is Chabad a synagogue? A synagogue is defined as a building where a Jewish assembly or congregation meets for religious worship and instruction. But Chabad is more than a building, more than just a synagogue. 

Chabad is about Jewish community. Chabad is dedicated to nurturing and serving the needs of the local Jewish community.

From prison chaplaincy to crisis counseling, from Chanukah Festivals at Ventura Harbor to  Pacific View Mall, from the Mega Challah Bake to High Holiday Services, Chabad is always at the forefront of providing essential social, cultural & religious programs.

Chabad is a community of professional religious leaders and lay volunteers, people helping people, during both good times and in crisis.

During the Thomas, fire Chabad provided critical support to displaced families and delivered vital supplies to the local Red Cross.

We are present to help during life's special moments, from celebrating the birth of new life to assisting families with final moments, with respect and dignity.

In short - Chabad is committed to the fundamental principle of Judaism - Ahavat Israel, love of our fellow.

At Chabad everyone is welcome, everyone can feel at home, regardless of their affiliation or religious background. 

So welcome to our site. Please explore and learn about our many I'm going and upcoming programs and educational opportunities for all ages. We look forward to meeting you in person.